K.H. RYBITWY – Wholesale of agricultural and food products

For many years, K.H RYBITWY has functioned as a wholesale agri-food market, providing a supply base for thousands of retail stores, catering and mass catering outlets from all over Małopolska.

Business focus of KH RYBITWY is to manage and administer the wholesale market. KH Rybitwy is not the owner of the goods sold, but only organises appropriate conditions for the operations of entities conducting domestic and foreign trade in KH Rybitwy. Entrepreneurs operating in KH RYBITWY supply urban agglomerations with wholesale quantities.

KH RYBITWY for 30 years has been the largest wholesale agri-food market in Małopolska. As a wholesale market, it plays a significant role in supplying agglomerations with agricultural products, contributing to the improvement of food quality and the development of the region. The wholesale market and its transactions have a positive impact on price stability and thus benefit not only retailers but also producers.

Commercial facilities and stands for trade, located in sectors:

  • Sector A – Soft seasonal fruit
  • Sector B – Citruses
  • Sector C – Foodstuffs
  • Sector D – Tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Sector E – Farmland Square

In addition, there are specialised product alleyways within individual sectors:

  • Apple alley
  • Potato alley
  • Banana alley
  • Egg alley
  • Salad alley

Access has been significantly facilitated due to a three-line road connecting the complex with the centre of Kraków and with A4 motorway to Katowice and Rzeszów. The new bridge over the Wisła river makes it easier to go towards Sandomierz.

Since the beginning of its existence, the owner of KH RYBITWY has been Korporacja Gospodarcza EFEKT S. A. , based in Kraków.

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Our goals

The main goal is to meet the expectations of our customers, to provide the best conditions for running your own business and a wide range of offers for buyers from Małopolska region as well as from other regions of the country. We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of RYBITWY wholesale matker services as well as efficient office service, security and order. For us, the trust of our clients is the highest value and appreciation of our actions. RYBITWY wholesale market offers commercial, warehouse and office space for rent on profitable terms as well as good conditions for running business activities both in stationary facilities and from motor vehicles.


RYBITWY wholesale market occupies area of 7.3 ha. The premises is fenced monitored day and night and it has a lightning system. Nearly 200 entrepreneurs and nearly 300 agricultural producers (outdoors) are running the business constantly. On average, 300 vehicles of various types (from cars to HGV) visit (enter) on a daily basis. We estimate that about 1200 consumers visit us daily.