Agricultural Stock Market “RYBITWY” – Shopping for everyone

There are no restrictions or barriers for all those who want to make a profitable purchase. Individual customers, as well as business entities, after purchasing an appropriate entry ticket, can buy all necessary products, at profitable prices.

Zapraszamy wszystkich kupujących

List of products available at the marketplace.

Below there is a list of selected products that are available at Rybitwy Marketplace:

  • fruits and vegetables, salads, silage, undergrowth,
  • processed food products, dairy products and eggs,
  • seeds, dried fruits and vegetables,
  • sea food and freshwater fishes as well as their processed products- in accordance with conditions specified in the hygiene and sanitary regulations,
  • packages for goods approved for distribution,
  • cigarettes,
  • sweets and food fancy goods,
  • household chemistry and cosmetics,
  • household goods and office supplies, etc.

See also: Current price list

Detailed information

Detailed information is provided by:

  1. manager
  2. Deputy manager

phone: 12 653 11 23, 12 653 27 55

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