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In Cracow’s „Rybitwy” you can see a real wealth of the gifts of nature. The sellers rose really high standards and the vast selection of fruits and vegetables satisfies everyone who visits the Commercial Complex Rybitwy.

Unusual July in the Cracow’s Rybitwy

This July is exceptional in Rybitwy. We can always be proud of a perfect supply of wide range of products provided by our Sellers, but year 2018 is exceptionally fertile. This season in “Rybitwy” you can buy everything that is necessary to create wonderful dishes and desserts. Fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs in attractive prices? Feel welcomed to visit this unusual place on the commercial map of Cracow.

Fresh basil?

Not many of our Customers know that this season you can buy fresh herbs in our market. The Polish people more often use them in their kitchens appreciating their influence on the prepared meals. What’s interesting, basil is not only an aromatic herb, but it also has medicinal properties. It supports the secretion of digestive juices and positively influences the digestive system. What is more, it is rich in vitamins A, C and B5 as well as in magnesium and calcium. The Italian claim that it improves mood and even though there is no scientific prove for this we should take into consideration this positive “side effect”.

Blueberries, raspberries, plums

There is no better place to buy blueberries. Wide offer, competitive prices, possibility to buy in wholesale and careful selection of blueberries makes you want to buy more of them. Also raspberries and plums are great for home-made cakes and jams. Feel welcomed to see our gallery.

We inform that all the photos in the gallery come from the Commercial Complex „Rybitwy”, they present the current state and were taken thanks to the courtesy of the Sellers.