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The early crops are not only a sign of coming spring, but also of the start of the season of fresh fruit and vegetables that were long-awaited by everyone.

The best place to be supplied in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables is obviously the Commercial Complex “Rybitwy”.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, radish and lettuce – they currently rule in the Cracow’s Rybitwy. Those delicate, fresh and juicy crops should become a main addition for different dishes and a base of fantastic seasonal soups.

Tomatoes. Why should we eat them?

Despite the fact that currently our market „Rybitwy” is fully prepared to welcome the fans of those vegetables, you should know that by heating them we not only minimize the risk of heart attacks, but we also take care of our beauty. Tomatoes contain lycopene that is the strongest antioxidant neutralizing free radicals – thanks to them we delay the skin aging processes.

Tomato products, why we should make them?

While buying large quantities of tomatoes it is worth preserving them thanks to which we increase the quantity of lycopene contained in vegetables. Paradoxically, the tomato products contain even two or three times more of them than the fresh ones. Lycopene is an antioxidant that does not decrease its function and concentration, even during heat treatment. Thanks to that you will perfectly pasteurize the bigger amounts of tomatoes and enjoy not only their taste, but also the health qualities.
We invite you to visit the Commercial Complex “Rybitwy”. Below you will find some photos of the products that are currently very popular and available in big quantities.

All the photos come from the stalls of our suppliers.
Poznaj firmy i ich ofert - nowalijki na KH Rybitwy
Pomidory i nowalijki na placu - zapraszamy na zakupy