Rybitwy – a good place for rent

The administrative office is responsible for the proper functioning of RYBITWY Marketplace. It coordinates and supervises activities connected with the lease of commercial, office and warehouse space. It provides basic utilities (delivery of water, electricity, etc.) and protection of the entire complex, cleaning, as well as advertising services via broadcasting system as well as providing advertising space.

Optimal conditions for business entities

We provide optimal conditions for proper functioning of business entities; assistance and support in all matters related to running business on RYBITWY Marketplace premises. There is also the possibility of renting exhibition space, for example for cars.

Possibilities of advertising and business promotion

The area is hardened and the size can be negotiated. It can be freely used as well as displaying an advertising banner, placing an ad in broadcasting system, or distributing advertising leaflets at entrance gates and at RYBITWY Marketplace premises. Vegetables and fruits produced in the Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie voivodships are known for their highest quality.

All of them are offered directly by their producers, delivered daily, aesthetically packed, the fresh ones are offered directly from cars. In this way, the delivery time of the crops from the field or garden to the customer is reduced to a maximum.

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