KH Rybitwy leases space for commercial and warehousing stands, provides other additional services related to space rental and organizes appropriate conditions for the operation of entities conducting domestic and foreign trade in KH Rybitwy.

The leaseholders of commercial space in the area of KH Rybitwy may be agricultural producers who pay land tax or special departments of agricultural production, as well as business entities conducting business activity on the basis of applicable regulations.

The Customer Service Office is responsible for the proper functioning of KH RYBITWY, which coordinates and supervises activities related to retail and warehouse space lease services. Provides basic municipal services (water, electricity, etc. ). and protection of the entire area, cleaning, as well as advertising services and all assistance and support in all matters related to running a business in KH RYBITWY.

We provide optimal conditions for proper functioning of business entities; assistance and support in all matters related to running business on RYBITWY wholesale market premises. There is also the possibility of renting exhibition space, for example for cars.

time of the crops from the field or garden to the customer is reduced to a maximum.

Detailed information is provided by:

Customer service office

+48 12 653 11 23